Not Sure where to start.I had never been on a hunt with an outfitter, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.I sat in a a stand for 5 nights and saw 18 bucks. Passed on a great buck on day 2 at 15 yards. Then on day 4 saw two bucks over 145″ just didn’t get inside 65 yards. Just a fantastic week, the guys in camp were great. The lodging was great., the food was beyond phenomenal, the owners and guides are great people. So do yourself a favor if you plan on going to an outfitter, look no further than Midwest Bucks. They have everything you need and more you wont be sorry. we are going back next year..

Jason Beaver 10/25/2017

I have hunted with Midwest Bucks for two years in a row, and have made it my annual hunting heaven. The hospitality at Midwest Bucks is impeccable. To be quite honest it is as if you are family! If you look at the photo it is evident that the buck to doe ratio is in balance. The whole right side of the main beam was busted off. There were several tags filled while I was there, many had the same evidence of competition over the ladies! To sum it up. I have hunted in many places throughout my years and can say that none will pale in comparison to MIDWEST BUCKS!! I truly believe that this place in Clark County Illinois is one of Midwest’s best kept secrets. SHHHHH!

Daniel Truman

No Doubt the best place in the entire Midwest to hunt whitetails! I have been fortunate enough to film all over the country and see some good places, but they all fall short compared to Midwest Bucks! Killed my biggest bow buck last year with them, but almost got to take home a 170″!

Jason Heathcoe 6/22/2018

First trip, no expectations, awesom time. Food was great, company was alot of fun. hunting was incredible. 2/5 of us came away with 2 bucks over 155″ and 220# each on 5 sits. We’ll be planning another for the future. Try it, you never know. Money will spent from my perspective. Lifetime memory made! Thanks Ken, Natasha, Dylan, Luke, Tim, Jason, Jeremy and John

Paul, McCarthy 10/23/17

World Class Outfitter.Lodge is great, guides and owners are knowledgeable and true gentlemen. Some of the best land i have ever hunted in a long time. You will not be disappointed!!

Robert Panarella 11/12/2016

Midwest Bucks has been my only whitetail destination over the past 10 years! I hunt with the Davidson’s every other year and have harvested 4 huge Pope and Young Bucks and 1 mature doe each of the 5 years – I like helping to manage the herd! I decided after hunting in January 2010 I will never hunt the rut again! I always had great luck hunting the rut however I saw over 30 shooter bucks in 5 days and passed many 130-140 class deer. Each season it gets better and the quality management you guys have blows the other Midwestern outfits away. With all the standing corn, Power plant, and winter wheat the Monster Bucks were everywhere in January. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to hunt such prime ground and truly caring about my success!!!


Danny Demers
Columbia, NJ

My late season hunt to Midwest Bucks was more than I could of ever expected I saw shooter Bucks every day and harvested my 1st Pope and young whitetail buck!

Thanks again,

Barry Lambert
Media PA

If you hunted in the “Golden Triangle” of Illinois then you know its over-hunted and over-rated.

I chose Midwest Bucks because the absence of over crowded Lodges and that made a big difference in the Quality and Quantity of Trophy Bucks.

I’ve hunted South- West Central -North West Illinois and have now found a new place to hang my Camo Cap! I am very happy with my Illinois and Indiana Bow and Gun Buck I got in 2006 with Midwest……
Thanks Rick!

Steve Davis, MA

I would recommend to anyone looking for a top notch fair chase trophy whitetail hunt. Great property, great people.

Micheal Mazza 11/20/18

Great people, Great hunting, Great Bucks!

Dr. John Maroulis, Morgantown WV

Being an attorney and hunting guide in Alaska has allowed me to see it all, but I have never seen quality whitetails like you have in Illinois at Midwest Bucks. My 14 pointer is my Best bow buck and I hope that many more are soon to follow.

Jesse Ryder, Syracuse NY

Two years and two Bucks. Thanks for the quality hunts. Travis is a Super Guide. I have hunted Canada and will continue the quality up North is great, but I saw the biggest Buck I have seen on your farm. Over 200” and a true walking giant whitetail. See you this fall

Scott Morgan Orlando, FL

The crew at Midwest,

Thanks for setting me up on my 130” 6 point with 7” Bases, it will always be a special Buck to me. Also my sons first Big Buck at age 15 scoring on the 140” 10 points. You Were right about the late season hunting it is very good. The two bucks and does Harvested this year are also the best tasting deer we have eaten.

Dave Centi, W-B PA

I will close the deal on a huge buck this year. Two years no bucks but a missed Monster and many, many, big buck sightings.

Sonny Michaels Cyrus, NY

Awesome 5 day experience. Owner Ken and Shannon do and exceptional job. Our guide Kevin had us on deer everyday. Robin the chef was outstanding. Very clean and roomy accommodations. Stand placement couldn’t of been any better. Cant say enough good things about this place. We will definitely be back!! great job job fellas!

Fred Stern 10/2/2015

If you wish to hunt with the BEST operation in the Midwest look no further! Thanks Midwest Bucks your bucks are second to none and I mean “steps aside Canada”!

Kris Powers, Sheridan WY

What an awesome experience. Even though I didn’t harvest Buck in 2005 or 2006 the experience was great. See you for another try in 2007! Awesome guides and accommodations and the hunting is the best whitetail hunting in the country!

Bill Krivyanik, Vestal, NY

I have harvested six pope and young Bucks hunting with the great crew at Midwest Bucks. 2 Bucks score over 170” p & y! Midwest has the best ground in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. I have hunted with numerous outfitters with none having the quality hunting ground like Midwest. I can’t wait till the 2007 season to hunt another pope and young Monster!

-John Yeager, Chambersburg, PA

Thanks for helping with the Monster 10 pointer I got! What a Buck and that non-typical I’ll be back for in 2007 is awesome. Travis what a Guide- I am going to try and top you this year shed hunting’—You guys are the best whitetail outfitters in North America..

Danny Demers, Columbia NJ

Being my first hunting trip I didn’t know what to expect, but you blew those expectations away. What a first class operation from the lodges to the meals everything was wonderful. The huge food plots are a real key to the early season hunt in which I was on. Beautiful ground and large grocery store food plots. Scot was a very worthy guide and even better person. The 11 pt. Pope and young 146” buck I harvested was icing on the Cake! THANKS Midwest Bucks.

-Joe Greco, Syracuse, NY

My Buck in 2005 was a nice 12 pointer but the buck that got away this year even topped him. I enjoy your operation and I think about the buck I wounded this year often, but like you guys said that happens when hunting in the real WORLD!

Greg Ritchings, NJ

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